Edro Teen Programme @ Edro – Module 2 2017

Edro Teen Programme @ Edro

Module 2 - 2017

First Lesson - Saturday 4 February 2017 @ 12h30

“Finally, I found the point to learning about Pythagoras.”

Learning computer programing is one of the most important skills a young person growing up in today's world can acquire. Learning how to code with Edro makes this experience hands-on, practical and most of all, fun! Edro takes teens on a journey into the world of building and programing robots. Working with 4 Modules over the course of 1 year, Edro lays the foundations for a lifelong love of Mathematics, Science, Programing and Electronics. We will spend our time playing games, competing with friends and solving problems through the use of command line code - all this, while learning some very important  problem-solving skills along the way. 

What are the Goals of the Edro Teen Programme?

“Everyone should know how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think!”
Steve Jobs

  • Computation: We build solid foundation in key computational concepts paving the way for further study in the field.
  • Mathematics: We provide a practical setting in which Mathematics can be applied to computational problems.
  • Electronics: We introduce electronic systems in a way that makes the relevant to the world of technology.
  • Science and Technology: We convey a broad general knowledge of scientific topics related to the field of robotics and computer science.
  • Problem Solving: We develop a problem solving skill-set that can be applied in new and novel situations.
  • Fun: We inspire an interest in Mathematics, Science, Technology and Computer Programming.

An Overview of the Teen Programme

Module 1

“Inspiration through Movement”

In the first module, participants are guided through their first experience of programming a robot. An emphasis is placed on inspiring pupils to enjoy solving problems. Most problems in Module 1 center around movement based challenges. Participants make key learnings while getting their robots to draw a series of geometric shapes. While we start off the first few lessons using a drag and drop style of coding, we rapidly progress to working the the command line. 

Module 2

“The Logic of Robot Choice”

In the second module, we are now eager and ready to dive deeper into computational logic. The focus of this module is on conditional statements – the programming logic of ‘if, then and else.” Problems worked on in this module involve participants integrating input from their robot’s sensors into their code. Examples of challenges faced in this module are “maze navigation with infrared proximity sensors” and “programing a robot to avoid or seek out light.” In this Module, we also take our first steps in basic electronics as we create simple circuits and control their functioning through use of a programmable microcontroller. 

Module 3


In the third module, the real fun begins (not that it hasn't already started!). In pairs, we assemble our own EdroBot from individual electronic components. Applying everything we have learned thus far, we begin to code a much lower level. We learn to solve problems that affect both hardware (the electronic circuitry) and software (our own written code). Every lesson in Module 3 is designed to follow on from the lesson prior, allowing us to interact with these complex concepts effortlessly.

Module 4


In the fourth module, we continue to work with our fully assembled EdroBot. We add new functionality to our robot by adding sensors that allow it to interact with the world around it. This module is similar to Module 2 but the work done is at a much more advanced level. This is the final Module of the four module series and concludes the Teen Robotics Programme. Further study with Edro is possible through our Advanced Classes. Self-directed project work forms the backbone of these classes as now all the basics are in place.

How Edro Weekend Lessons Work



All weekend lessons take place at Edro's home in Bandwidth Barn - Woodstock.


All weekend lessons are 120 minutes in duration. There is a short break provided to indulge in a sneaky snack!


All equipment required for the academy class is supplied by Edro. No equipment purchases are required unless you decide to take this step.


You will find a proposed term timetable below. Weekend lessons occur every second week. We make an effort not to schedule such lesson on long weekends.


The cost of the Teen Programme is a flat rate of R790 per term. Alternatively, a monthly payment of R300 (R825 per term) from January to November (11 months) may be paid. All payments are made via EFT and bank details can be found here.

Number of Lessons

Edro works to conduct 4 weekend lessons per term.

Cancellations and missed lessons

The Teen Programme is designed to be taken for a full year. However, you may withdraw  from the programme at the end of any term without incurring any cost. Unfortunately, we cannot refund missed lessons or mid-term cancellations.

Module 2: Important Details

Module 2 Details

Prior Experience

Module 2 of Edro's Teen Programme is intended for participants who have already completed Module 1 through an Academy class or Workshop. For participants with experience in other robotics courses, we highly recommend starting with Module 1 to ensure all the basics are firmly in place.


All Teen classes in 2017 will take place on a Saturday afternoon between 12h30 and 14h30.

Edro Saturday Senior Timetable
LessonTerm 1 - Module 2Term 2 - Module 3Term 3 - Module 4
Lesson 1Saturday 4 FebruarySaturday 22 AprilSaturday 29 July
Lesson 2Saturday 18 FebruarySaturday 6 MaySaturday 12 August
Lesson 3Saturday 4 MarchSaturday 20 MaySaturday 26 August
Lesson 4Saturday 21 MarchSaturday 3 JuneSaturday 9 September