John Naiker

Managing Director

John, a molecular biologist and professional teacher, came to EDRO after having honed his teaching skills at the prestigious Lebone II College. As a distinguished educator, he stepped up to the challenge of leading EDRO in its mission to develop world class robotics programmes that are grounded in modern educational theory. Working from a firm academic base, inspired by the work of Michael Shayer and Philip Adey, John aims to develop robotics programmes that focus on radically practical, problem based learning. This vision, coupled with John's passion for stories and games, has set EDRO on a unique course to becoming an essential partner in any parent, teacher or student's journey towards true 21st century education.

Werner Venter

EDRO Founding Partner

Early in 2014, the idea for EDRO sprouted one rainy Cape Town weekend. Werner Venter, an industrial engineer, was desperate to tear his two boys away from their computer games. Inspiration struck and he offered them the opportunity to build robots together. Hours turned into days and as his children built and programmed away, Werner was bowled over by their excitement and eagerness to learn. Appreciating how much his children learnt about Mathematics and Programming, an idea for EDRO began to take shape in Werner's mind. Soon the ball was put in motion and EDRO was born; now more and more children can receive this inspirational opportunity.

Christina Clucas

Founding Partner and Outreach Champion

Christina Clucas, an industrial psychologist has a passion for growing organisations. Christina was the first person to buy into Werner's vision and has applied herself relentlessly to bring EDRO's unique robotics programmes to all children in South Africa. Christina started up EDRO's Outreach Academy, a partnership with the Bandwidth Barn in which underprivileged learners receive an opportunity to participate in EDRO's world class robotics programme through corporate sponsorship.