Edro Primary Programme @ PHPS – Module 1 2017

Edro Primary Programme @ Pinehurst Primary School

 Module 1 - Term 4 2017

First Lesson: Wednesday 11 October @ 13h40PM

“See it move… Watch it go! Look, it’s drawing a spiral now... And I coded it to do that!”

Learning computer programing is one of the most important skills a child growing up in today's world can acquire. Learning how to code with EDRO makes this experience hands-on, practical and most of all, fun! The EDRO Junior Robotics Academy takes children on a journey into the world of coding robots. Working with 4 Modules over the course of 1 year, EDRO lays the foundations for a lifelong love of Mathematics, Science, Coding and Robotics. In Module 1, we will spend our time playing games, competing with friends and solving problems through the use of Drag and Drop coding - all this, while learning some very important  problem-solving skills along the way.

What are the Goals of the EDRO Primary Programme?

What are the Goals of the Edro Primary Programme?

“Everyone should know how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think!”
Steve Jobs

EDRO classes are FUN classes! We aim to bring technology to life through our uniquely interactive approach to learning!

Problem Solving
Problem solving is a perennial skill. Through a specially designed sequence of challenges, EDRO teaches young people new and exciting approaches to solving problems with the help of computers.

With so many industries being disrupted by technology, learning to 'speak machine' is not just for geeks. EDRO teaches young people fluent in the language of code - allowing them to become active participants in the digital world.

How do EDRO Academies Work?

How EDRO Academies Work

Independent Extra-Murals

EDRO Academy lessons run as extra murals after school. All correspondence and payments should be handled directly with the EDRO team and not with any school staff. 


All lessons in the Primary Programme are 75 minutes in duration. 


All equipment required for the academy class is supplied by EDRO. No equipment purchases are required unless you decide to take this step.


You will find a proposed term timetable below. This, along with the weekly timeslot will be reviewed each term and adjusted to accommodate the needs of the majority of participants.


The cost of the Primary Programme is a flat rate of R950 per term. Alternatively, a monthly payment of R375 from January to November (11 months) may be paid. All payments are made via EFT and bank details can be found here. Please note that monthly payments are made each month regardless of the number of lessons occurring in the month.

Number of Lessons

Edro works to conduct between 28-32 lessons throughout the year. Some terms will have more lessons while other terms will have less on account of factors such as school exams and the term length.

Cancellations and missed lessons

The Primary Programme is designed to be taken for a full year. However, you may withdraw your child from the programme at the end of any term without incurring any cost. Unfortunately, we cannot refund missed lessons or mid-term cancellations.

PHPS Academy Details


Prior Experience

Module 1 of Edro's Primary Programme is intended for participants who have had no prior experience of EDRO Robotics. 


The EDRO academy at PHPS will run weekly on Wednesday afternoons from 13h40 to 15h00.


Lessons will be held in the PHPS computer room.

First Lesson

The very first lesson will start on 11 October @ 13h40. 

Free Lesson

The first lesson of Module 1 is offered as a free trial. However, to exercise this opportunity it is essential that you complete the Expression of Interest form below. If you no longer wish to continue with lessons after this first lesson, a simple email requesting you be removed from the academy is all that is required to discontinue with the programme.

Term 4 Timetable

Please find the Term 4 academy timetable updated shortly! Alternatively, please feel free to signup below and we will alert you when this has been finalised!