As anyone with kids can tell you, being a parent is a full- time job. And when you do have some time to yourselves, you probably spend most of it feeling guilty or worrying about what the kids are up to in your absence. Constantly finding activities that keep kids interested and expand their learning beyond the classroom is a challenge. EDRO provides the perfect fun solution to keeping your kids busy while constantly learning.

Developing STEM skills

Robotics is one of the best ways for kids to explore skills in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), skills integral to many future careers. Following the instructions to build a robot from scratch with an EDRO kit engages their creativity and logic, as well as their problem-solving and communication abilities.

The process is fun and extremely practical, making learning a visual and tactile experience, something which is especially helpful for kids who struggle to understand how STEM fits into the real world. In fact, robotics are now being used as teaching tools in classrooms in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia and with good reason. Learning how to build and programme a robot helps prepare them for an increasingly technologically crazy world.

The Guardian recently published an article by Dan Crow, “Why every child should learn to code”. Dan says, “Will every job involve programming? No. But it is crucial we equip future generations to think about the world in a new way…. Today, I have a computer in my pocket that… is connected to every other computer on the planet and can access virtually every piece of human knowledge ever created, nearly instantaneously. The pace of change in computing is extraordinary.” We couldn’t agree more.

If you missed the “Year of Code” bandwagon last year then you can start catching up in 2015. “Year of Code”  is one example of an independent, non-profit campaign to encourage people across the world to get coding for the first time. Edro kits offer many options for learning basic coding skills.

For everyone

EDRO kits range from beginner to advanced levels, so there is something for everyone, no matter your kids’ ages including parents! As they work their way through to more advanced kits, the robots become more complex and can perform more tasks, sparking your kid’s imaginations. EDRO could provide some healthy competition with siblings and friends to see who can build the best and most creative robot.

Robots are not just for geeks – see robot sand art

EDRO is the perfect tool to bring the whole family together no matter your gender or age.

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