Learning how to code can be intimidating. Luckily, learning how to code with EDRO RoboCode Classes makes the experience fun, tangible and fulfilling.

Imagine a class where the most important language of the 21st century – computer programing – is taught in an exciting, relevant and step by step way. Imagine a class where you get to see your code come to life as your very own robot moves around, following the instructions you’ve given it. Imagine a class where Mathematics, Science and Technology become the answers to your questions rather than just more stuff to learn.

Welcome to the EDRO Experience!

EDRO RoboCode Classes offer a highly practical approach to learning computer coding. In EDRO lessons, participants work through a unique curriculum of problems that take them on a journey from coding newbie to coding ninja.

Those new to EDRO robotics start solving basic problems with Parallax’s S2 robot. The S2 is a sophisticated educational robot that is used in hundreds of US Primary, Secondary and University classes. The S2 can be loaded with a pen and programmed to draw intricate patterns using a drag and drop Graphical User Interface.

Those who have been learning with EDRO for some time will start to build their own EDRO robots from scratch using electrical components and the Arduino Microcontroller. They program these robots in C – an industry standard programming language. While this work is advanced, the groundwork laid in earlier classes makes this transition effortless.

EDRO classes are run in extra-curricular academies – available to an ever growing number of schoolseach term. EDRO also runs holiday workshops and Saturday classes at their home in the Woodstock Exchange. A number of progressive schools have taken the EDRO experience in-house and are successfully running their own robotics classes as an in-curricular activity.

The EDRO experience is brought to those who cannot afford it though EDRO’s Outreach Academies. The Outreach Academies receive EDRO’s flagship Robotics Programme and nothing less - bringing the language of Coding to those who need it most.

Learn the skills and knowledge of the future: Join in the EDRO Experience today.