EDRO has seen the need for private lesson more and more... Lessons that can fit into you and your child's schedule and at a convenient venue. So we have trained up some really great facilitators to give you this flexibility.Because of the difference in teaching methods, we split the age group as follows:


Little Ones (Grade 1-3)

Juniors (Grade 4-6)

Teens (Grade 7 & up)

We can allow flexibility by 1 year of age or grade on either side of grade. For example: 9 year old can be grouped with the 10-12 years old (Grade 4-6)

How much time would you need?



Minimum: 3 hours per module


Minimum: 7 hours per module

*It is up to you and the facilitator to see how you want to spread the lesson each month

Can my child's friend join the lesson?

Absolutely! We can take up to 4 children per lesson if private.

What does a suitable venue look like?



  • Open floor space – where we can put down a mat (1,2m x 1,2m) (No fuzzy carpets!) 
  • No Computers Needed!


  • Table and chair, close to a plug point
  • Some even floor space for Robot challenges to happen (No fuzzy carpets!)

*We will provide computers, all equipment needed for the workshop

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