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Learning computer programing is one of the most important skills a child growing up in today's world can acquire. Sadly, many children see coding & programming as dull and theoretical when limited to computer-only exercises. Fortunately, by learning to code with robots, EDRO RoboCode Academy Classes make this experience fun, effective and hands on.

In a Robocode Academy, we cover the fundamental pillars of coding over the course of 4 terms. In each term, a new module is offered, focusing on a new programming concept. Every lesson is problem-centred, guiding participants to make their own discoveries as they progress through 5 to 15 different problems. We believe in a team-orientated approach, so learners will work together in small teams to encourage collaboration at an early age - another surprising skill needed in the future!

DETAILS for Module 1

  • Cost: R950 per term
  • Payment Terms: Credit Card or EFT
  • Maximum Learners: 16
  • Location: Science Lab
  • Coding Experience Required: none
  • Lessons per Term: Minimum 7 lessons (Plus bonus 8th lesson if term schedule allows!)
  • Day & Time
    • Fridays @ 13:30 pm - 14:45 pm (1hr 15min)


July 26 - Lesson 2
Aug 2 - Lesson 3
Aug 9 - No Lesson (Public Holiday)
Aug 16 - Lesson 4
Aug 23 - Lesson 5
Aug 30 - Lesson 6
Sep 6 - Lesson 7
Sep 13 - Lesson 8 (LAST LESSON)


DEADLINE: We need a minimum of 10 learners to book a ticket by the deadline (Monday, 15 July) in order to present this workshop. We base our decision on the number of tickets reserved and will only communicate with the ticket holder via email & sms on 16 July (Tuesday)


  • Payment will only be expected after the deadline above.
  • Monthly payment option: choose EFT and only pay the following amount:
    • R316,5 (Juniors - for 3 months)
    • We try our best to send out monthly reminders as well but please know that it will be on you to make payment by month end


  • All learners will receive a certificate at the end of the term which will be proof to enrol for the next module!
  • We will also provide additional online resources where your child can practice their coding skills throughout the holidays


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.