A Time for Robotics

They bustle in as as busy as bees. A swarm of Grade 7’s at Herzlia Middle School jostle into a well lit computer lab. Lucille Dunne, the IT teacher welcomes the class, shepherding them to their computer stations. The excitement is palpable, each child is eager to avoid any delay and get the lesson started. Why? It’s their weekly robotics lesson!

Herzlia is one of South Africa’s forward thinking schools that are bringing robotics lessons into the school curriculum. Don’t be surprised! As we move into the age of automation, learning to code robots will become one of the essential literacies of the 21st century. Aside from the relevance, schools like Herzlia are discovering that robotics makes Science and Mathematics enjoyable for students. And in this wonderful group of Grade 7’s, this couldn’t be more obvious.


Today’s lesson is on speed, time and distance. Pairs of children are using rulers to measure how far their S2 robot moves in a given time and log the results in a table. As they program Scribbler to move at different speeds and work their way through the exercise, I wonder how much they realise they are learning? However, knowing it or not, learning they are! Once they are complete, the next task is to program their S2 Robot to draw a  square with 30cm sides. Those who have finished their tables take up the new task with gusto!

What a wonderful opportunity these Grade 7’s have received! Herzlia purchased their S2 Robots from EDRO at the end of last year and working through the Exploring Robotics Curriculum, they are implementing the syllabus magnificently. We look forward to taking those Grade 7’s, passionate about what they are learning, into our Senior Robotics Academy next year.



Well done to Mrs Dunne and the Herzlia Middle School Team!