Have our minds and imaginations been numbed by generic, mass produced products? Do we ever stop to wonder how a product or a gadget actually works? Enter the ‘Maker Movement’, fast gaining traction around the globe.

The Maker Movement includes anyone who invents, designs, creates, or builds something – technology inspired DIYers. Maker communities typically pursue engineering-oriented interests such as electronics, robotics and 3-D printing but also more traditional arts and crafts activities, sharing their learning and creativity in hackerspaces and makerspaces. A resurgence of making things that do things, it allows budding entrepreneurs and inventors to make unique products themselves, leading to successful new start-ups.

The Maker Movement is creating a generation of active inventors, rather than passive consumers of products. Robotics is a great way to get involved with the Maker Movement, providing interaction, enriching the mind, and building vital innovation skills in kids. Not only does robotics enable kids to become a part of the Maker Movement, but it also encourages STEM learning. In doing so, kids are able to use their creativity while still engaging Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths skills.

Learning by doing with robotics, is a fun yet challenging way to prepare your child for a technological future.

Edro has a wide range of robotics kits and school programmes available to assist kids in learning how to create, program and code a robot. Contact Edro at www.edro.co.za to find out more on how you can introduce robotics to your children and students.

Maker Movement Manifesto image from ImageThink