“See it move… Watch it go! Look, it’s drawing a square now… And I coded it to do that!”

Learning computer programing is one of the most important skills a child growing up in today’s world can acquire. Sadly, many children see coding & programming as dull and theoretical when limited to computer-only exercises. Fortunately, by learning to code with robots, EDRO RoboCode Academy Classes make this experience fun, effective and hands on.

In a Robocode Academy, we cover the fundamental pillars of coding over the course of 4 terms. In each term, a new module is offered, focusing on a new programming concept. Every lesson is problem-centred, guiding participants to make their own discoveries as they progress through 5 to 15 different problems. We believe in a team-orientated approach, so learners will work together in small teams to encourage collaboration at an early age – another surprising skill needed in the future!


The Little Ones are introduced to the exciting world of coding through a game-like approach.

All coding is “written” first by arranging magnetic code tiles on a whiteboard. Code is then uploaded to their robots via a remote control and executed on a physical course mat to evaluate if the desired goal was reached.


  • Cost: R350 per term
  • Payment Terms: Credit Card or EFT
  • Maximum Learners: 20 per class
  • Lessons per Term: 5lessons
  • Coding Experience Required: Need to have completed lessons in term 1
  • Venue:: Laerskool Menlopark Graad 0 Sentrum
  • Other: Presented in Afrikaans
  • Day & Time: 
    • During scheduled EDRO period WITHIN school hours
    • Deadline: 6 May

Term 2 Schedule

May 15
May 22
May 29
June 5

Alternative options: | Holiday Workshops || Private Lessons |

Each module builds on the previous one, so your child can pick up at the next module whenever it suits their schedule


Desiré Schabort / +27 82 875 5884