Why Robotics?

Robotics inspires learners to make connections across STEAM disciplines rather than learning topics in isolation as it combines mechanical, electronic, electrical and programming skills. Robotics provides a fun, inspiring, but yet challenging method for kids to apply these concepts in a satisfying way. It also encourages critical reasoning, problem-solving, creativity and teamwork. Numerous studies have shown that learners engaged in robotics go on to excel in learning mathematics, science and ICT and there is increased enrolment in further study in these fields.Perhaps more importantly, robotics also introduces kids to a deeper understanding of how technology really works, preparing them for a future that will become increasingly technologically complex. The ability to code is cited as being the new literacy for the future and programming robots introduces learners and learners to computer programming and coding.

Traditional education practices are being challenged to change towards experiential learning away from passive learning, as engagement and active learning increase the pace of learning.
Many news reports and surveys rank the quality of South Africa's math and science education as one of the lowest in the world. EDRO’s mission is to contribute towards addressing gaps in our STEAM education programmes.

EDRO’s curriculum has proven success with many academies in Cape Town as well as holiday workshops in Cape Town and Johannesburg. EDRO believes that if a consistent and high-quality robocoding education programme is introduced to schools, we'll see more cross-school collaboration, regional and national leagues and competitions, and coherent standards of learning and educator expertise. We would welcome participation across schools, and our main aim is to ensure that schools and those passionate educators are well supported.

*Equipment will vary (Excluded from costs above) - please contact us to discuss