Looking for something different to do with your team or staff ?

Why not try a Robotics and Coding workshop...because admit it - robots are just cool and you always wanted to be in control of one!

Learning how to code can be intimidating for any age. Luckily, learning how to code with EDRO RoboCode workshops makes the experience fun, tangible and fulfilling, not to mention competitive!

We believe in experiential learning - involve every sense and every body in the learning process for maximum retention of learning and knowledge. At EDRO, we are keenly aware that robotics is merely a means to an end and can structure your experience to your needs and outcomes. All our experiences are aimed at the coders and the non-coders alike.

We have worked with corporate groups like Allan Gray, Barclays Rise & Ackermans.

Examples of experiences we can offer:


The Travelling Salesman


Teams code their robot via a remote control to navigate its way around a set course laid out on a floor.



Debugging Challenge


Teams must try to fix code that produces partially workable results. Final correct result involves the robot drawing a large sequence of specific shapes.



Light Navigation Activity


Teams are required to write code allowing their robots to navigate a small maze through following the light of a torch. A sequence of three milestone challenges scaffolds this activity.



The list above, should not be taken as exhaustive. Consultation around the goals, design and implementation of these custom challenges will form an integral part of the process.

A typical workshop is between 2-4hrs and can be done almost anywhere! We can come to you!


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