Start your EDRO journey these School Holidays. Select your city/area below and find out more:

If you would like to see workshops in your area, here is our venue requirements:


We are always looking for suitable venues to host workshops, especially during school holidays. We have found a school venue to be the preferred venue for parents due to safety and also being easy to find – but are open to any venue that fits that criteria.

If you think you might have a relationship with your child’s school or another potential venue and would like us to see what we can do, please make the introduction!

Group: Little Ones – Gr 1 to 3:
What we would need:

  • Open floor space – normally school libraries, halls or gyms work well
  • (No Computers Needed!)
  • Typically a 3 hour workshop

Group: Juniors – Gr 4 to 6 and Teens – Gr 7 to 12:
What we would need:

  • Computer lab running Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or newer and permission to install USB drivers and our software application that work with our robots
  • Overhead projector for conveying instructions
  • Typically an 8 hour workshop (We normally split it over 2 days / 4 hrs per day)

    * We have a limited number of laptops we can bring to a venue if there are tables, chairs and access to enough plug points